Look-y Look

I had a wonderful time in St. Louis. My classes were full of sweet, hard-working scrapbookers. I had a fabulous time with family and was able to see a few sights before heading home. Look-y what I came home to. I was drying clothes and smelled a terrible smell. This is what the cause was. My dryer melted the cord and the outlet. I am so lucky the house didn't burn to the ground.

I have never been one to get too excited about new appliances. But, it looks like a new dryer is in my future. Fun, fun.

Here is one of the excursions we took while in Illinois. We went to the Lewis and Clark Museum. We were able to see where the Mississippi and the Missouri hook together. And, can you believe that pelicans where resting in the water? Grandma went with us on our trip to St. Louis. She too had a wonderful time.

This is my Uncle Ronnie's home. It is one of my favorite places on earth. Tons of animals, not all his...my cousin brought a few. Sutton had a little reaction to cats...we didn't know he was allergic to them. I would have taken tons more photos...

My Uncle Ronnie took us all to the Children's museum. It was a neat place to play.

That night, I taught my class at For Keep Sake's. Wow, what a cool store. They were recently featured on Scrapscene. http://www.scrapscene.com/

Here are some of the yummies I found there....
Oh, yeah-Somerset

A little scrapbook for Hayden to do...it is made by Creating Keepsakes and lots of trinkets...

Here is the layout I taught at CKC. It was created by Vanessa Hudson. She is so talented.


Vicki C said...

Totally FUN photos Kara! BUT The dryer thing... SCARY!!! So so glad you caught that in time!

Country Liv . . . said...

My gosh, Kara! That plug thingy is downright frightening! I've heard of the clothes actually catching on fire or the lint in the exhaust tube but the plug? Wow-you are totally blessed!