Where are you going to be on Saturday?

Join Ali and I for a fun morning learning the basics on how to solder charms. We will create this neat jewelry box to store them in and we will also make a bracelet with your initial on it and a necklace on a ribbon. You can bring your own pictures or images to use. Call 2 Scrappy Sisters @ 913-788-CROP. Class space is very limited. We want to give you individual attention while you learn to solder. -K


Caleen said...

I wish that I could be there to learn
how to solder.. I have all the stuff
but, I am scared to do it.. I know I
just need to go for it!!! I would love to know how it went.. I live
way out here in California... There is no one around here who does soldering near my home.. Kind of sad.
We only have 2 scrapbook stores and
a Michaels chain and JoANNS.. That surely isn't enough places to get creative....Have a great time!!!

Emma's Paper Patch said...

what a lovely box!...i wish i lived closer, i think that i would really enjoy the class. i just started soldering myself and i am just self taught. i would love to go to a class and learn some techniques. thank you for visiting my blog. i appreicate your kind comment.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hi Kara, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your little jewelry box and wish I could trek over there and make one too! I can also see why you like Vicki's blog too! Y'all kind of like the same nostalgic stuff-me too but I don't paper scrap anymore :( (can't). The cards from Wednesday's post rock! Love every one of them.

Sarah said...

What fun jewelry and jewelry box. Love it. So creative!

Christy said...

Lovely box with sweet things inside. Great inspiration piece. Thanks.