Day 10

This is a project I created last year...it is a count-down-to-Christmas photo album with pockets and tags for activities to do up until Christmas. It is in my top 5 favorite projects ever. The album is a flipbook from K and Company. I used a variety of papers, scraps, and embellishments to create the book. The tags were made from from roll art paper from yummy Urban Arts and Crafts.

Day 9

We were hit with an ice storm...but Kansas City fared pretty well. I still have power-whew! This is my deck furniture and tree in the front yard.

One of our family traditions is going to Penguin Park's lighting ceremony. It was Saturday night and freezing cold but we went.

Hot Coco...and a balloon artist.

Santa arrived in a sleigh pulled by a John Deer on Vivian Road. The tractor was all decked out as a reindeer. Red antlers and a red nose....
It always looked so beautiful....
You have to play Ask Santa
Project #9-

Pam Garrison created this project...

At Silverbella last year, Pam created this cool stocking project. It was one of my favorite projects ever. To create this project you will need...vintage wall paper, music note paper, silk flowers,trim, and ribbon. I also used metal mesh from the floral departments. Sketch a stocking shape on vintage wall paper. You will need 2 so you can sew them on the sewing machine, leave the top open in case you want to put goodies in it. Hang it with a pipe cleaner and decorate it as you wish...I am not a sewer but I am a hot glue-r...Ha ha....

Day 8

I am behind in my blogging...work has been keeping me busy. I am not sure I will get caught up this week, but I will try. Wink, wink...

Here are some photos I shot today of the kiddos for our holiday cards. Out of 1 million shots, I like these the best. I opened the blinds in my bedroom and had them sit in our ivory chair in front of the window. I was hoping not to use a flash on my camera. I dressed them both in winter white.

Coco had to get into the mix of things...can you tell who is in charge?

The worlds busiest weekends...K and Co. Christmas party...a great time Friday night. Saturday the Singing Christmas Tree at my church...amazing. I have never seen a show this good before. I am so proud of everyone. Sunday, we had a birthday party and some presents to buy. Christmas is coming too fast this year.

Project #8 (Gift Giving)

A calendar...

You turn the numbers each day...the bottom of the calendar has 5 years worth of stickers so you can keep this calendar on your desk or in your living room for several years. I am teaching it as a class at 2 Scrappy Sisters. I took the basic design of the calendar and added my touch to each page with extra product. I think it would be a great gift for someone. Another cool feature, is the file folder in the pocket on each page. It has a rub-on month word and numbers for you to write the birthdays for that month. I thought this was such a neat way to keep track of birthdays...a struggle of mine. As you can see, this is a very thick book....I hope you will love it for years to come...Join me December 19 or in January....Kara