Swaps, Glorious Swaps!

Oh, those talented Bellas!
My first swap was the charm swap. Look how cute the bags were! Our lovely hostess polka -dotted each sack, glittered our name piece, and added a lovely crown charm to the outside of the bags. Aren't we lucky! The inside of the bag was filled with 15 scrumptious charms created by fabulous artist from all of the country. Take a looky-look.

I put my charms first, on a belt bracelet for my jeans and decided it was too bulky. I then, moved my charm to this bracelet. I like it okay but I am hard on my bracelets. I am afraid I might break one of my charms, so I think I am going to buy a link type longer necklace. I am sure the pink color of the charms will get a lot of use with my clothes.

Our ornaments for the ornament swap took up so much room, that there wasn't enough room in the sack. This picture looks like a swap explosion took place.

I am going to leave these ornaments up in my little scrappy spot all year long. I just love them! Kara


Sheila Rumney said...

What lovely pretties! Thanks for the pics. Sounds like you had a great time!

Paper Relics said...

Wow - thanks for sharing - I passed on the swaps and wish I hadn't... next year!!

Vicki C said...

LOVE THAT TREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Man oh man, the tree looks so awesome with all of those fabulous ornaments!!