I Couldn't Connect to the Internet ALL Day!

Don't let their cute faces fool you! These 2 single-handily had my computer in knots. I finally figured out that they had changed how I get a connection to the Internet. All day I kept trying to connect and would go into repair my connection. Of course that wouldn't work, so then I would shut the computer down, unplug the box for the Internet. Still no success...until... I realized I didn't have a preferred network provider. They deleted it. Sometimes, it is like having real, live squirrels running in your house. Children=Squirrels.

Speaking of Squirrels, Sutton doesn't hid acorns but he does play soccer. This is his coach. Coach O. He is so tall next to everyone. Sutton idolizes him. Their team is undefeated. Sutton probably doesn't know that. He is too busy talking to the girls. GO SHARKS!

More photos from my favorite place. Naples. I think I could live here. Of all the places we have visited in the world,I love Naples. It is charming, slower pace, and breathtakingly beautiful. I need to get back to scrapbooking. I am working on a few Target layouts. I can show you as soon as the line is released. I am really like the paper and the embellishments.


suzi finer said...

those umbrellas alone are just so delicious; eye candy!

Vicki C said...

I been miss'n ya girl!

deb said...

Love those beach photos.. especially the striped umbrellas!