Have You Heard the News About Delta Baggage?

Can you believe this story? After my nightmare with Delta, I believe every word of it. I flew out of JFK to Nice, France....it sure makes me wonder about my bags...since they were missing for 16 days and not one person I spoke with at Delta knew where they were. Hm mm.

New York, NY (AHN)-The Department of Justice announced that 10 airport and airline workers have been arrested as part of a drug smuggling ring operating out of John Kennedy Airport in New York.
Federal agents say they seized more than 46 kilograms of cocaine, 25 kilograms of heroin, and three kilograms of ecstasy in the sting, and arrested seven Delta Airlines workers, one American Airlines employee and two other airport workers in the operation.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in charge of the operation say the ring was masterminded by Washington Heights-based Henry Polanco, who bought the drugs in the Dominican Republic and redistributed them in New York City. Once the drugs arrived in New York, they were concealed inside passengers' luggage by corrupt airport workers to avoid detection by law enforcement officials, ICE agents said.
According to the report, the ten defendants were charged with conspiracy to import a controlled substance, with each facing life in prison and a $4 million fine if convicted.


Jessica said...

oh my... they all look a little "shady" don't they? :)

It was so good seeing you this past weekend. I miss you girls!

P.s. you've been tagged on my blog!
Love you.

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Melanie said...

You know what....I think that little guy in red, guy #2 had your bags! I can tell just by lookin' at him! LOL!