Labor Day and Christmas...

Labor Day weekend we spent with friends and family. Shane flew home from Japan Friday night and Saturday morning his sister and her husband came for a short visit. We went to the lake but ran into a few road blocks. First the SUV's battery went dead at Clyde's. Good Luck for us, however; Clyde sells car batteries. Then, somehow Shane put the boat in a foot of water. So, yours truly and my brother-in-law had to tow it out to deeper water. It was a yucky job. After supper, we headed to Independence for Santa Calagon Days. Monday, Deana had her annual pool party. It is always a fun time. We just love her and her family. I took my camera and didn't take one photo. Crazy. Tuesday, we went to soccer and then took Coco to the pool closing party for dogs at Line Creek. It was a blast. Again, I left my camera at home. They had a DJ and everything. So fun!

Kerrie let us borrow her Zip-sled. Hayden was up and skiing the first time. Shane and I kept telling her to stay on her knees. She is a born skier.

Here is where we took Coco and a box of yummy stuff for K and Company. I have been making ornaments from Brenda Walton's Peppermint Twist Ornament Pad. My friend, Melanie made the ones for CHA. Each one was a piece of art. Her ideas for the ornaments are the examples in the ornament pad. Breath-taking! http://melaniecdesigns.blogspot.com/
Make sure to visit her new Etsy shop...Strawberry Hill. She has some neat items for sale.

Here are my samples...I love the ornament pad. I believe it has 88 ornaments in it. That is quite a value. Some of my samples I like better than others...you know how that goes. Kara

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Amy Umar said...

Beautiful as always. Glad you had a nice weekend.