I'm Home!

After CHA, my family drove to Chicago for a mini vacation. Our first night together, we rode the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. It was a little scary but a lot of fun. I will show vacation photos later. I know from your emails that you want to see show pictures. Here are some of the NEW lines from K and Company.
This is the NEW Christmas line. It is called Peppermint Twist by Brenda Walton. The Christmas tree is full of ornaments by Melanie Cantrell. The layout is by Vanessa Hudson and the amazing packages were made by Pam Lange. Isn't it just yummy?

Love is in the air with another NEW line called Smitten. It glitters and sparkles. You can see a cute layout by Angelia Wigginton. Pam Lange did this amazing mobile.

Next, is a line for everyone. It is called Wild Saffron. The brown, red, yellow, and blue tones work for most scrapbookers. Kelly Keller created and amazing layout. I wish I would have taken a closer picture of it. Breathtaking! Melanie Cantrell created a neat little bag. You can see it closer on her blog. I think Kelly also created the "Herbs" sign. I got the honor of crafting the large flowers for the display.

This is Pam's daughter. She was the witch that helped welcome our NEW Halloween line by Tim Coffey to the show. I love Halloween so this is one of my favorite lines.

This is Margo. It has a classic vintage flair to it. I love turquoise and pink together. There is just so much detail in each piece.

Pam Lange created this amazing dress. She made it from paper printed on a large format printer. She used a vintage pattern and sewed it like it was fabric. It even has button holes where the gorgeous brads are. It was a show stopper!

Here is the craft line. So many clever ideas that are simple to create. I am sure this was a big seller.

Last but not least, our Ancestry line. This is a classic K and Company line. The warm tones mixed with the browns and teals makes this line easy to use with your families old photos. I love the old looking leather albums.

Looking at all these photos of our booth, made me realize just how talented everyone is. I work with such an amazing design team. I am lucky to be a part of it. I wish I would have taken more photos of their samples.



Angelia said...

Thank you for the great photos, Kara! I had not seen anything of the papercrafting wall :D I agree, Pam and the team did an amazing job!!

Melanie said...

Awesome update Kara! Your photos are great!! I loved reading todays update too! I just updated my blog...directing everyone that goes there to come over here to see yours! :o)


Karen said...

Hey, Toots!

I've been missing you, but I knew the news would be worth the wait. I was NOT disappointed! Can't wait to get my hands of some of that Ancestry line. And, of course, all the other stuff looks amazing too.

Do ya think Kay could just set aside a little room at headquarters for all the K & Company addicts to come fondle this stuff?

Glad you're home safe and sound...;-)...K.