I Felt Like it was Kindergarten all over again...

I left my baby at Girl Scout Camp. What was I thinking! They sleep in perma-tents. The showers are gross and she is there for a week. It was her choice to go but I am sure missing her. Lyndi, her good friend is sharing a tent with her. She was happy to see her. When we got to camp, they take your temperature, check for lice, and athlete's foot. Gross! She had a 99.5 degree temperature. Oh, I wanted to take her home right then. She kept saying, I am fine. I feel fine. We will see....I don't think she was sick....just over heated. No air-conditioning at camp. Shane is picking her up Saturday morning while I am in Chicago. I can't wait to talk to her. I am sure she will tell me what a wonderful time she had.

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