I'm Leavin' On A Train....Be Back Saturday.

Hayden and I are leaving after school today for Jefferson City. We are going with her Girl Scout Troop. She is so excited about riding on a train, staying in a hotel, and seeing the Capital....she can hardly stand herself. We are each allowed one backpack (asked to share one if Mom and daughter are both going)...anyone one who knows me...knows that, that is almost impossible for me. I always have 3 pair of shoes for any trip. I thought about going to buy one of those super, huge duffel bag back packs....I am sure I would be frowned upon. Packing for this trip has me a little stressed...it feels like I am going camping....Uugh.

I will be back on Saturday, to wish everyone a Happy Scrapbooking Day! I made a little something for my Diva's. This is one of the 3 projects we will be doing in July. It is an old Reader's Digest book. I cut all the pages out of it and painted ivory. Then, covered it with pattern paper. It reminds me of a little clutch purse. It is to hold all those greeting cards you just can't throw away.

See you soon!


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Melanie said...

Ok I need to find out who your Divas are! That little pruse is adorable!!

Gosh I bet you were SUPER excited when K&Co came out with the Gir Scout line! You lucky girl you! She's a doll! Hope your trip was fun!