May is the month of birthdays at our home. First, we have my dad's, then Sutton's, and last comes Hayden's. I decided to create a banner that says, "CELEBRATE." I want to hook in photos between the flags, when it is that persons birthday. I haven't had a chance to do that yet! But, the banner is hanging in our hearth room. It is made from K and Company paper. Each pennant is a different line. I used old Life's Journey to tie it all together. The pennant is made with canvas sewn between to piece of paper. Next, I want to create a storage box that I can store it in. I am hoping to start a new tradition.


Melanie said...

Ok, these are jaw dropping pretty! HOW COOL! I know I say it every time you post something, but.... I LOOOOVE THIS! You are inspiring me today to start working!


Vicki C said...

I love these! Pretty!!!